Teddy Bear Workshop Party

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      LOOT BAGS:


Don't want the hassle off dealing with loot bags? 
No problem we have you covered!


               Order 8 or more and save the tax!


Unisex Loot Bags

Please note there are more loot bags that are more gender specific to Girls or Boys however we realize both boys AND girls may enjoy them we just have separated to make it easier. (Too many for one page)

Safari Party Loot Box


Loot Box Includes:
1 Safari Animal Large Loot Box
1 Safari Mask Craft Kit (from assortment)
1 Beanbag Plush Safari Animal (from Assorted)
1 Safari Colouring Book
1 Safari Crayon Pack
3 Wiggle Eye Safari Stickers (from Assorted)
1 Safari Animal Bubble Bottle (from Assorted)
Note: If you order multiples of this box we will give you an assortment of safari animals to make the Loot Boxes more fun.

Mr. Turtle Loot Box


Filled Loot Box Includes:

One Large Green Dot Loot Box
1 Mr. Turtle Blowout
1 Wood Turtle Spin Top
1 Bag of Turtle Gummies
1 Bounce Ball
1 Green Face Mask

Toy Story Value Loot Bag


Filled loot bag includes: 

One Toy  Story Loot Bag, 

One Jumbo Story Sticker, 

One Story Whiste, 

One Toy Story Slinky, 

One Toy Story Spinning Disc

One Toy Story Activity Sheet.

& Some candy (not shown)

Carnival Loot Box


Loot box Includes:
Large Carnival Loot Box
Foam Carnival Animal Full Face Foam Mask
Carnival Sticker Sheet
Jumbo Swirl Lollipop
Carnival Ten Page Game Pack
Carnival Crayons
Clown Foam Nose
Rubber Duckie

Farm Animal Loot Box



Dinosaur Loot Box


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       Dog Loot Box


Loot Box Includes:

One Dog Deluxe Large Loot Box

One Plush Puppy (assorted Dogs)

1 Dog Ear Headband (from assorted)

1 Bendable Dog

1 Bag of Dog Bone Candy

1 Dog Bone Eraser

3 Dog Stickers